You are here, because you are interested in playing basketball at DSBV Punch, which is awesome! At Punch you have the possibility to play in a lot of different leagues or just become a practice member. Don’t know how to do a lay-up? Beginners are also more than welcome at Punch!

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Pubquiz @ De Gist

Posted on 08-10-2018


The first Punch activity will be held 19th of October @ De Gist!

This will be a pubquiz where you can fight against your fellow Punchers to show you're not only good on court, but also off court.

Last year we got 75+ people being enthousiastic about the pubquiz!!

Of course this is a pubquiz, so there will be enough beers for you to get gezellig.


Put yourself as going on the facebook event so we know how many are going:


Bring your brains to the gist! We'll see you there!


Details will follow soon.

Attention: New Members

Posted on 10-09-2018

Today (Monday 10th of September) is the last selection training. Unfortunately, the teams are almost full meaning that if you haven't subscribed and want to play competition this season you need to do so as soon as possible. This also means that if you hand in a subscription form by email or in person we cannot guarantee your subscription to Punch. We will send an email to those who were not subscribed as soon as possible. 

Selection Trainings

Posted on 24-08-2018

For those who are interested in playing competition: the selection trainings will take place in Hall 1 of the Sports Center at the following dates and times:

-Monday 3rd of September @ 17:30 for Men and 19:00 for Ladies

-Thursday 6th of September @ 18:00 for Men and 19:30 for Ladies

-Monday 10th of September @ 17:30 for Men and 19:00 for Ladies

Make sure to let the selection committee take a picture of you, and to fill in a subscription form, or you will not be placed in a team. Subscription forms can be handed to a board member, or sent to info@punch-basketball.nl

IT20 Theme Unveiling

Posted on 22-02-2018

63 - 59 Punch VSE 1 River Trotters VSE 1
43 - 35 DAS VSE 4 Punch VSE 2
78 - 73 BS Leiden MSE 1 Punch MSE 1
92 - 68 Utrecht Bull's MSE 1 Punch MSE 2
70 - 68 CBV Binnenland MSE 3 Punch MSE 3
58 - 46 BV Alphia MSE 1 Punch MSE 4
51 - 63 Solar systemen-Grasshoppers MSE 3 Punch MSE 5
49 - 44 BV Juventus MSE 2 ** Punch MSE 6
37 - 79 Punch MSE 7 Hurricanes MSE 3
38 - 67 Punch MSE 8 SV Argon MSE 2
Upcoming games

Sat 27-10-2018

12:30 Punch H6 EBV Baros H4
12:30 Punch D2 CBV Binnenland D3
15:00 Punch H1 Almere Pioneers H1
15:00 River Trotters H4 Punch H7
17:00 Punch H8 LUSV Basketbal H5
18:30 BV Alphia H2 Punch H5

Sat 03-11-2018

12:30 Punch H2 CBV Binnenland H2
14:30 Punch H3 River Trotters H2
16:30 Punch H4 EBV Baros H2
19:30 De Dunckers D1 Punch D1